Information about me and my services


TIEFENPSYCHOLOGISCH FUNDIERTE PSYCHOTHERAPIE is a therapy form which is rooted in the theories of psychoanalysis and psychodynamic therapy. It is recognized by the German state as an offical form of therapy and is covered by the national health insurance (gesetzliche Krankenversicherung ). PSYCHOLOGISCHE PSYCHOTHERAPEUTEN are therapists who receive specific training and are required to pass a state examination process inorder to receive their approbation.

Areas of Treatment

  • Anxiety disorders: obssesive-compulsive disorder,
    phobic disorder
  • Behavioral syndrome: eating disorders, sleep disorder, sexual function disorder
  • Dissociative & stress-related disorders
  • Mood/affective disorders: depression
  • Personality disorders
  • Somatoform disorder

Forms of Treatment

  • Tiefenpsychologischfundierte psychotherapy
  • Therapy with children and adolecents
  • Grouptherapy
  • Kunsttherapie
  • Katatym Imaginative psychotherapy




  • Diplom-Psychologist - University of Potsdam
  • Psychotherapist - State Approbation in Berlin
    Tiefenpsychologisch fundierte Psychotherapie
  • Certification for children and adolecents
  • Certification for grouptherapy
  • Certified Art Therapist - Deutsche Gesellschaft für Kunsttherapie 



in the Arztregister-KV Berlin - NR: 34403

Member of the Psychotherapeutenkammer Berlin - Mitgliedsnummer: 16778

Licensed by the KV Berlin



In my twelve years of clinical experience in Germany I have treated several individuals experiencing difficult or critical life situations and/or a suicidal or depressive crises. While working as a member of a traumastation I also counseled patients with diverse traumatic life experiences. Through my own personal experiences as well as my position as a couselor for women who have experienced domestic or other forms of violence, I have gained several years of experience in working with people from different ethnic backgrounds.



My areas of specialty include the treatment of anxiety disorders, depression, psychosomatic/somatoform disorders and the effects of traumatic experiences. I often councel individuals who are going through a grieving process, partnership conflict or experiencing a phase of new orientation in their life.



Members of a national health insurance company (Gesetzliche Krankenkasse) are covered through the system after filing a request together with the therapist.